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16-17-18-19 JULY 2024




Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via our official ticket agent "Ticketmelon.

This is our official ticketing link


What are the event dates?

16 July 2024- UNK Boat Party 

17 July 2024 - Main Event Day 1

18 July 2024 - Main Event Day 2

19 July 2024 - Main Event Day 3

What types of tickets are there?

  • UNK Boat Party Tickets: There will be a limited availability of only 200 tickets for the boat party, following the passenger limit regulations.

  • 3 Day Festival Pass: With these tickets, you can enjoy access to all three days of the main event.

  • 1 Day Festival Pass: Offering flexibility, these tickets allow you to select the specific day(s) you wish to attend the festival. Please remember to indicate your preferred date when purchasing.

  • Door Tickets: Please note that prices for door tickets will be significantly higher compared to online tickets. To secure the best deal, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. 

What events can we expect?
1. UNK Zrce Boat Party - 16 July 2024 We’re setting sail along the enchanting shores of Pag Island! Prepare to be captivated by the stunning views and immerse yourself in a 4-hour cruise filled with unlimited drinks and heart-pounding trance music. 
2. UNK Croatia Pre-parties - 17,18,19 July 2024 Join us at the preparties! This exciting event is FREE and open to everyone. From 4pm to 8pm, we invite you to join us as we give the stage to our talented local and regional trance artists. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover new music and enjoy an evening of pure trance bliss.
3. UNK Croatia Main Event - 17,18,19 July 2024 Get ready for the ultimate trance experience at Unkonscious! We're bringing you the absolute best trance artists in the industry. Join us for three unforgettable days of music, from 10 pm until 6 am. Don't miss out on this epic event!

How do I get to the UNK Boat Party?

Get ready for an extraordinary trance experience like no other as we take over the boat exclusively for this event. The ticket price includes unlimited beverages on board, so you can fully enjoy the party atmosphere. The boat will depart from NOA Beach Club and return to the same location, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free trip. Don't worry about delays, as we will depart on time, guaranteeing you a four-hour adventure filled with incredible music and unforgettable moments.

Where will the pre-party be held?

The pre-party for Unkonscious Beach Festival will take place at the same venue as the main event, which is ROCKS BEACH CLUB. It will run from 4pm to 8pm and is open to all with no entry fee. You are welcome to join this event on any day of the 3-day festival. After 8pm, there will be a break for you to freshen up and enjoy dinner before the official start of Unkonscious Beach Festival.


How do I travel to Pag Island?

  • By Plane: The most convenient way to reach Pag Island is by flying to Zadar Airport, which is the closest airport. There are numerous flights available to Zadar, making it easily accessible. Once you arrive at the airport, you have the option of taking a private car or a bus to reach Pag Island, which is approximately a one-hour drive away.

    Alternatively, you can choose to fly into Zagreb and then rent a private car or take a regional bus to reach Pag Island. The drive from Zagreb to Pag Island is quite pleasant and offers stunning views along the way. It typically takes around three hours to reach the island from Zagreb, making it a convenient option for travel.


  • By Private Car: Traveling by Private Car: If you're planning a road trip from a neighbouring country, you have the option to turn it into an exciting adventure. When considering whether to take the ferry to cross to Pag Island, our recommendation depends on your starting point. For instance, if you're coming from Zagreb, we typically suggest driving down to Zadar and then taking the route across the island using the renowned "Pag Bridge." Although the drive can take the same amount of time as the ferry, it largely depends on the loading process and queue length. To optimize your experience, we suggest taking the bridge on your way to the event. On your return journey, you can choose to take the ferry back to the mainland, allowing you to enjoy the scenic route as well. Please be aware that the ferry route includes navigating through the mountains in a zigzag manner. If you are prone to car sickness, it is advisable to avoid taking this route altogether.

  • By Taxi: Traveling by Taxi: Consider booking a taxi for you and your friends from the closest airport as a cost-effective solution that allows you to travel together. This option is particularly convenient if you don't possess an international driver's license.

  • By Regional Buses: If you're planning a trip to Zadar, there are numerous regional bus options available. To find out which bus companies operate near your region, simply check the starting point of your journey. This will help you identify the most convenient and accessible options for your travel.

Where should I stay? 

  • Noa Glaming Resort - Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience during your 4-day stay at UnKonscious Croatia! Located right next to the venue, Noa Glamping resort provides a truly luxurious living experience that will exceed your expectations. With a range of room choices, accommodating 2 to 6 people, you have the flexibility to select a room that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you're travelling with a partner or a group of friends, sharing the costs becomes effortless, making it an economical option for everyone. By choosing to stay at Noa Glamping resort, you'll have an all-in-one experience. Cut down on travel costs and eliminate the hassle of staying in a neighbouring town by staying close to Zrce Beach. Book your hotel room package today and prepare for an extraordinary adventure at UnKonscious Croatia.
    Look our hotel packages here:


  • Novalja - Consider staying in the neighbouring town of Novalja during your visit to Zrce. With its bustling atmosphere and convenient transportation options such as shuttle buses and taxis, Novalja provides easy access to Zrce. Opting for a villa or apartment in this town can offer a comfortable and convenient accommodation option for your stay.

  • Gajac - Looking for a place to stay near Zrce Beach? Look no further than Gajac, a fantastic family-friendly neighbourhood situated right opposite. Gajac is known for its wide selection of villas, making it the ideal destination for groups of friends looking to share accommodations. Whether you're planning a fun-filled vacation or a relaxing getaway, Gajac offers a variety of villas that can comfortably accommodate multiple guests.


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